#290 this week

The 2nd BSF was amazing! We had 2 new comers, and I did all the presenting, much more organized and it went smoothly. We couldn’t get the sound up, so just sang “May the mind of Christ my saviour” with voices.

During the discussion groups, ladies shared surprising stories of the LORD’S loving provision and presence.

Behind the scenes, N was fighting with the computer to download our lecture. She got it!

It was a video- a lovely lady from America, in a hotel room or spare bedroom, giving the lecture into a laptop or phone. It was brilliant!

My heart was overflowing!

Robin didn’t come as BSF in Amstelveen, closely followed by Dutch lesson in Uithoorn, with solo travel, was quite difficult last week. She surprised me by rearranging future Dutch lessons to Thursday. Yay!

Then someone came and fixed the girl’s window bracket (uitzetter= literally it sets the window out!) And someone else for the bit of damp in Frank’s ceiling.

In the evening I had an hour of horror, looked at my bank balance online to discover the electric company had taken €985 euros without warning! Of course I rang and got them to give it back, asked for an explanation email etc. Of course they are giving it back. And Hans will help me sort it properly. But what frustrates me so much is that they can just take it! The Dutch direct debit equivalent, means companies can just take any large amount they fancy. It’s quite bizarre. So that stole my joy for about an hour. Then I went to OIG, the Dutch language prayer meeting, held this week in Dorien’s ‘Booth’.

While I was at his house, Hans came and laid the vinyl floor in the girl’s bedroom. And laid a bit more of the laminate downstairs. So now all the bedrooms are done, and just the sitting room area needs doing. And we will do the halls with leftovers.


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