#292 Retreat – part two

I’m home. My goodness! We have had an amazing time. So encouraging! The stories I’ve heard, the worship, the seminars… so many old friends from Liverpool BSF to hug…. so much news ….

Relationships forged with my team of ladies in Rome, Germany, Amman, Prague, and other parts of NL.

The 3 course meals! And generally being surrounded by people who love the Lord.

Leaders from Muscat, Oman. Dunno why its in black and white, as they were in gorgeous brightly coloured indian outfits.

And the encouragement for the future! I was chatting with a bloke from Bristol (yes, BSF isn’t just for ladies) and then his wife came up, said she’s heard all about me, then she prayed some wonderful prayers over me and said, “you are spreading it like confetti!” Which is a pretty image!

My lovely friend and roommate Marcia was coming down with something and had the odd nap (we barely had a moment’s free time. But were always doing something excellent!) And coming back in the airport was a bit more work than you’d imagine. But her sweet attitude in a stressful situation was inspiring.

With some darlings

BSF are really determined to modernize without compromising the Word, and with online communication, anyone anywhere can join a BSF group.

On Saturday night, after yet another fabulous 3 course meal, (!) My fellow online leaders met to share the stories of what had happened to us in the last 6 months. They were startling, emotional, funny, and sometimes interlinked! One vivacious lady had present the birth of their BSF group as a pregnancy timeline including: an unusual conception (by prayer), whispered rumours among aunts, an announcement, preparations, booking the hospital etc!

We in Amsterdam are privileged to be a kind of pioneer, a kind of missionary building on previous generations’ work and wisdom, totally dependent on God, and knowing there are similar efforts going on around the planet.

And now ….sleep….!😁❤

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