#293 back to normal life

My walk to the bus stop.

When I got to the Xrds Ministry Centre this morning….

I found Big Bear kneeling in prayer. Clearly he has been watching our Monday meetings!

I had a pray with Suzy and then we had a laugh and heart to heart in Le Pain Quotidian.

I brought home from UK half a bag of walkers salt n vinegar crisps. Last night George grabbed them and shoved a handful in his mouth, thinking they were bolognese flavour. He got a shock!

Hans came and laid a bit more laminate downstairs with Lee. Now we have only a few m2 missing in the front window area.

This morning I had a lovely encouraging time at international ladies bible study. We were on the subject of rejection. We had to refer to previous rejection names and renamed ourselves, I labelled myself, “Specifically designed for a purpose in God’s Amazing Plan!”

We had some lovely heart connections as we shared our rejection experiences, and how we found freedom and acceptance in Jesus.

And one new lady lives in De Kwakel, so I’ll make a lunch date with her! Also I was very encouraged this morning by a message from a lady in my BSF group who referred to the turquoise babushka-print dress I had on, she said like a babushka doll is full of little women, I am a spiritual mother to lots of women in our BSF. That is very flattering and also true, only thanks to the Great God whose plan I am currently playing a very fun and exciting part in.


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