#295 this week

BSF again! It went great again! We had 22 ladies. We sang How Great Thou Art. The discussion were super. Afterwards someone had made a cake to share, how lovely! Then lunch with my two pals. One had missed the discussion group, so we discussed the questions between the three of us over lunch.

My buscard suddenly didn’t work on the way, so I ended up at Zuid afterwards, to sort that out. Then finally cycled home.

Frank made a lovely curry.

In the evening I had a long talk with a BSF lady that I have upset. Amidst me having a wonderful time I managed to help someone else have a rubbish time. She was very brave and gracious. I pray I will be more considerate.

Thursday, I have simply slept most of the day. Much needed! And cycled over to McDonald’s for lunch with 3 of my kids (day off school).

I’ve printed off Hamburg’s official guide to school including for immigrants. It needs studying. Their summer holidays basically ends in the beginning of Aug. So I would like the boys to have a chance, a week or two off before starting their next school. Lee’s work are prepared to pay for some German lessons for the boys in preparation.

Funnily enough I just had a convo in English, Dutch and German with the Indian lad who works in Deen. The cheapo supermarket nearby.

Friday, Robin and I got the bus to Amstelveen and had lunch in the Old Station. Then walked down the East side of De Poel.

Gorgeous huh! I have cycled past here many times, but not walked it before.

We had a look at the Stadshart Friday Market. Very busy.

My goodness, another exciting week. ❤🌈

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