#298 lovely folks

I went all the way to the centre of Amsterdam to T’s flat which looks onto a famous canal.

We had a chat and prayers about BSF, and then a lovely lunch and some hilarious conversation.

We really get on so well! Such a blessing.

Meanwhile in Leidseplein,

Lee has the week off. Monday he went to the Stedelijk museum with Lilian.

Tuesday, I didn’t go to ladies bible study, so I could spend some time with Lee on his week off. We had coffee and watched lots of YouTube videos about Hamburg! Then he went off to Amsterdam with Robin. They went to the Rijks Museum.

I went to lunch in town with Lily, then she met George from school and he got this piercing!!

It’s called an industrial. It’s a bar going through two holes in the same ear. (Lilian has the same).

Why?! I don’t understand it, but it doesn’t take away from how lovely they are. So we good.

Then later my lovely E asked me to go for a walk, we walked n talked around the Zijdelmeer. It was a lovely golden sunset. Then time for BSF leader’s meeting online. during which the fam watched “Raising Arizona” upstairs with snacks. A classic.

Wednesday, another wonderful episode of BSF, in which ladies share the ways the Lord has made himself known to them this week. Some amazing things! I also had to deal with an issue I’d prefer not to (!) But it’s all training, for whatever lies ahead in Germany. Then, lunch with lovely K and on the way home, a cuppa with N. I finally got home at 6, sorted dinner, looked at the clock, it was 7.25 and Ouders in Gebied (Dutch parents in prayer) was about to begin. Cycled round, prayed for the lovely ladies and their kids. After which E served me some homemade pumpkin soup. Got home, there is VR putting down the last of the laminate flooring with Lee. Hurrah!

What a crazily full day. Something’s gotta give. I must make a decision about what not to go to anymore.

I made this picture “of my kids” as I’d love an actual pic of them. I keep mentioning it!

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