#300 happy anniversary

We cycled over to the river before 8am on our 22nd wedding anniversary.

This sky was rosy and so are my glasses as we look forward to new adventures together.

God is extremely faithful and so is my husband!

Later Robin and I babysat so our Uithoorn pal could go to a lively Christian debate thing about the creation of the world. She really enjoyed it.

Saturday, I cycled to Kudelstaart to attend a Christian women’s day event. The speaker was Esther Vorsterman Van Oijen. Obviously I hadn’t heard of her either! But she was excellent.

I went with two Dutch ladies from my Dutch prayer meeting. Everything was decorated up pretty with a gold theme, and we got lovely goodie bags full of nice stuff!

First the hostess told us it has long been her dream to have an encouraging event for ladies from all the area churches. She had a tear in her eye!😍

Everything was in dutch. There was lovely live music, some recognisable worship songs. Then Esther gave an extremely good talk. She is very personable and spoke slowly and clearly. So I really got a huge amount of the message. “I see gold in you, because I see God in you.” About women’s value, the power of positive words, obeying the Lord, loads of stuff! With really good little anecdotes, dreams and prayers.

We had to say nice words about each other, then write them on these little stones that later got spray painted gold.

She got someone up and asked people to say positive things about her, which is very nice. But then she got me up. Obviously she told them to say nice things about me in English, but I was so horrified about being up the front that I didn’t hear anything!! 😬😑

Then lunch, and there was the option to make a leather bracelet, do some colouring in, take a little walk around Kudelstaart. I chatted with a lady about her walking holidays in Cornwall.

Then another cuppa, singing and Esther spoke again.

So I cycled home, having bought her book of course! And then googled her a bit.

She’s on the hour of power on Dutch Christian TV.

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