#301 Wilderpeople

Sunday, I didn’t feel fabulous so I slept in, and sat around instead of going to church. I watched “Passengers” and “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”, which I highly recommend. In the afternoon went to Haarlem with my girls. The unusually warm and sunny mid-october weather was lovely. Everyone in Haarlem was out filling the cafe tables in the main square. There was armed police etc – turns out the mayor of Haarlem had received threats, and has been in hiding! And all of Haarlem had come out to show their support. He gave a little speech thanking them.

How strange!

Today I had BSF prayer and then a lovely lunch with K. And the German relocation woman rang me about schools.

I also had an awful situation with someone I cannot seem to get on with. Afterwards I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I lay down and listened to a Charles Stanley sermon called Jesus the Prince of Peace. He said no-one can take away your Peace, because Jesus is your Peace. But you can give it away. I realized I had allowed myself to depend upon people’s opinions of me for peace. Then once I relied on Jesus instead, I was peaceful again.

Thanks be to Him!

Later I emailed the 2 english-speaking high schools in Hamburg. Please feel free to pray for the employer to pay for my boys to go there. If that’s what is best! Lee is actually in Hamburg today. The whole office went on a coach trip, to have a harbour boat-tour and start thinking about living there. 🛥


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