#302 start researching schools…

I got emails back from 2 international/bilingual schools in Hamburg, one saying “No” and the other, “when can the boys come and spend two days?” So that’s interesting. The third costs €500 just to apply. So I’ll leave that be. The yes school is called International School Campus ( http://www.isceducation.de ) and is in Pinneberg, a town west of Hamburg.

Lee’s future office is located under the “m” of Hamburg in this picture. Perhaps if we can find somewhere to live halfway between…. if George goes to this school he can continue the exact course he us currently preparing for. And they would both study in English. Please pray for the employer to pay for this!

Willem n Maxima looking lovely.

I’ve just been for my 2nd appointment with the psychologist. She explained about the limbic system cutting off connection to the body in stressful times (or whatever) and made me rub my hands together and such. It quite noticeably affected my mood immediately.

It helped me to reflect on yesterday’s events.

Lee has been in Hamburg overnight. Apparently absorbing some info about the city as well as enjoying a harbour tour.

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