#303 beautiful Uithoorn

I took a day to rest today. Robin and I walked thru Uithoorn and took a breakfast picnic to the river.

Colourful Uithoorn!
Our view.

It was lovely, warm with no breeze.

Then a latte in het Spoorhuis. (The old train station)

Did I tell you, I applied to do a paper round- 220 copies of the local free rag, Nieuw Meerbode in 4 streets near my house. They rang back and the wage was…€9. Yes, nine Euro. I said no thanks. But since then our other, separate Paper-round pal has been busy at school, so we’ve done it a couple of times (€20 a time btw) which is nice!

In the evening Robin and I cycled over to M at the other end of Uithoorn, to babysit for an hour or two.

I have been enjoying looking at flats and other interesting stuff around Hamburg. It seems Lee and I may pop over there for a look, for a few days in December.

I’ve been working hard at frugalizing and thriftifying this month. I’m glad to see they have more cheaper shops over there. They still have Woolworths. Also the monthly public transport subscription seems a lot more affordable. Whoop!

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