#306 “Shall I be mother?”

I’ve seen a lot more blue tits and such in October. I really love to see them and hear their cheerful song. In summer there were so many parakeets and magpies, it seemed the smaller ones didn’t come close.

Lily and I went to church Sunday, then to the Cantina del Corazon for a fabulous tex-mex lunch. The chips there are absolutely delicious, and I mentioned it to the proprietor. She said they are fried in nut oil. I must try it! In the evening Lee, Robin and I went for a walk. It’s definitely autumn now!

This morning I have put the tea set on the Welsh dresser, just for fun. It’s been packed in a box ever since I received it – I’ve never used it or even displayed it before.

It’s very cute! It is Royal Albert Marlborough bone china, made around 1927-1935 according to t’internet.

And there was only one each of broken cup and saucer, leaving complete:

2 big plates, sugar bowl, milk jug, 10 cups and saucers, 12 sideplates.

I had already been having an idea about holding an English Tea, making some scones and cucumber sandwiches etc. And inviting the people who would find it fun.

It was exactly wrong for Speke, and it’s exactly right for me in Europe.

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