#308 Wednesday

I woke up with an awful painful clenched upper back yesterday. I went to the chiropractor this afternoon. Ta-daaah! I feel so much better! I would recommend it to anyone.

I really enjoyed the online BSF leader’s meeting tonight, I got to speak 1-on-1 with our lady in Jerusalem. We’re 5 weeks in and it’s hard work. But we are getting a bit of training each Tuesday along with the discussion, prayer for each other etc. It’s fun!

Wednesday. It’s half term, but BSF is continuing, but we only had a total of 10 today. So we were able to join together in one group, which I really enjoyed.

After, the original 4 “prayer-for-BSF” team and Robin enjoyed a coffee and a chat, including reminding each other of some things the Lord has done, and some things He has prevented. And some awful old jokes!! Also,

Joshua the son of Nun

and Caleb the son of Jephunneh

Were the only two

who ever got thru

to the land of milk and honey.”

Then Robin and I went to Amsterdam for lunch and a wander around an area called Hoofddorppleinbuurt.

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