#309 Weesp!

This morning Lee and I had breakfast in Dignita. I had amazing crumpets with lemon posset, blackberries and toasted coconut shavings, and strewn with white choc covered rice crispies! Amazing! I don’t understand why I didn’t take a picture- it looked like a beautiful autumnal flat-lay!

It was raining a bit too much so we didn’t go to Weesp, which was my half-baked plan. He also had a football match to watch. That’s an advantage of living abroad, he can watch premier league matches in the comfort of his own chair.

Then it got sunny, so Robin and I went to Weesp instead! We took the bus to Amsterdam Zuid and then a sprinter.

Weesp is very cute. It’s got a small Old Town and lots of posh shops and eateries. Immediately we went in this fab colorful shop/tearoom called Ginger.

We loved it.

Then walked through the old town and went in the museum, which had exhibits of porcelain and chocolate, which were both made in Weesp.

I loved this view, which feels like it could have been a hundred years ago:

There was also a former synagogue.

We really enjoyed it.

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