#310 in sight

A sweet BSF lady offered me, that her husband would drive me to Hamburg if I needed an appointment in the school! I was quite overwhelmed by the kindness. Thankfully I understand that Lee and I are flying there in early December. I will pop into the school then.

Lilian is packing and preparing to move, in November.

Our Russian housegroup friend had her baby- she went back to Russia a few months ago so she could give birth Russian style! She thought the western way is rubbish. Makes you wonder what we have thrown away in the name of progress. Anyway she had a lovely healthy little girl!

Robin got this excellently titled planner for next year:

I listened to Clarice Fluitt on Sunday night. I heard about living in Adam or in Jesus. I saw how I have been living by sight, not by faith. Regarding this house especially. Since the move things have been so difficult. Everything seems to be so different. All of life, not just a new address or different furniture. I must proclaim the Word of God and live it!

This morning we had a special guest speaker, encouraging us from her life and the bible. She goes to our church, and has been on the Hour Of Power telling her story.


Afterwards I had a chat with another expat lady who lives near me. We encouraged each other to think of this strange life we are living, as a missionary comission.

Just some colourful stuff!

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