#311 Redemption

We had our first BSF “fellowship” which was an hour of breakfast with chatting about the study and getting to know each other. That was from 9-10am and then we had the lecture and discussion groups as usual. This week we read and studied Ruth. Yes I’ve read it millions of times, I love it! And we got loads out of it. Loads of encouragement about redemption for our own lives. I was so tired (leaders meeting last night/ slept badly/ up early) but the privilege of shepherding this group as they listen to the lord and share their experiences, is so fulfilling and joyful!

Then we had lunch in the home of a fellow leader, and she had invited our two leaders from the Hague too. How lovely.

We eat a lot of bananas, and put them in the freezer if they’re a bit old. It’s now full of black bananas! Last night Lily made two extremely light and fluffy banana loaves. One for us and one for the farm. Fabulous.

This morning Robin and I did a little study on Redemption using the verses found here: https://www.biblestudytools.com/topical-verses/bible-verses-about-redemption/?fbclid=iwar1oeiy-nnfmsfpzp2ji8w0gbm3w3foq1m8titxxlzqg42rnfdlszwi_dns

While having coffee with our tea set!

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