#312 spot the difference!

In the dark mornings, this little rainbow often appears on my bedroom wall:

It felt very nice to wake up with no appointments this morning. Robin and I had a look at our BSF together. Then I asked Carla to come at 11 for coffee.

And now,

Spot the difference!

In the dark, at 6am, teenagers can be found rooting through this pile, looking for socks. It’s my “Floordrobe” as well as a clean clothes depository. So you can imagine how well that goes…

And after much deliberation in IKEA, (We’ve been 3 times in a week, without buying anything) I splurged €40 on this coat rack. It’s very much a case of, what box will fit in Carla’s tiny car!

That’s better. And I can enjoy my lovely “tiled” floor!

I am also organising to buy a 2nd hand tumble dryer. It’s in De Kwakel.

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