#317 colours and a burger

How, gorgeous is this crochet blanket!

Carla was ill today. She came and sat on the couch with cups of tea and ate dinner with us. She was suffering with flu, which made it even more difficult to understand each other’s Dutch than usual!! πŸ˜‚ we mainly stayed quiet. What’s nice, is it inspired us to eat at table for a change. 🍽 I am thankful for the opportunity to share something, however small. As I realized that had been a bit missing from my life recently.

My McDonald’s conflict: do you have this burger in UK? It has the texture and taste of chicken. But it’s vegetarian and delicious. I had one for lunch. Amongst other things, it’s got cheddar and pickle in. 😍 I have a slight inner conflict about the chickeny taste. But it’s yum.

Yesterday we saw lots of tiny birds walking quickly around up & down the tree trunks as if gravity doesn’t exist. In fact I thought they were mice at first. Probably chaffinches.🐦

I love this colour combination! I follow various weavers on instagram and I love close-ups of the weaves. πŸ”

Apparently our December Hamburg flights are booked! How exciting!πŸ›«

I really want to do something creative! But no funds and not much brain power. And it’s mainly dark these days. So I’m trying to knit some basic mittens. Here you see Lily’s Christmas duvet cover in it’s current rΓ΄le as tablecloth.

…also here is a small coffee table:

It was made at school many years ago by Laurie’s brother, I believe. It’s very well made and jolly useful. But I’ve never really loved the colour. πŸ–ŒWatch this space!

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