#319 Certified·Official!

Hi! Robin hasn’t had any orthodontic treatment at all while in this country, which is wrong, obviously. But due to financial constraints…. but I decided to just get it done and trust the Lord for the costs. We had an initial appointment today, and they said they can’t complete the required course of treatment before we move again. So they will remove the current (rather battered by now) set of braces and give her a face a chance to rest. And then start again in Germany. That actually sounds really good to me. Because I can have more of a say in what health insurance policy we get next time!

They were very kind, and the braces come off next Tuesday.

We are official! On May 28th 2017, we were told we have 3 months to present all our marriage and birth certificates, apostilled, to the Gemeente and officially be registered as living here. Well, just 17 months later…

Ta-daaaah! We gave in the final piece of the puzzle today. Once it’s processed, I will be eligible to claim child benefit. Just as we are gearing up to leave! 👁👁

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