#321 Begijnhof

This morning in BSF we only had about 12, so we joined together and Marcia led. I can’t publish a picture of the group, just imagine a group of diverse ladies who love to hear the Lord speaking to them personally, through the bible.!

One the Brazilians brought a delicious courgette cake. We are up to 4 Brazilians now, it’s like Sao Paulo in here!

I took the leftovers!

Later Robin and I went for a lovely long walk by the lake at Aalsmeer, to Kudelstaart. It was a lovely sunny day, and almost warm. We walked as the sun went down in a lovely array of colours.

Thursday, a lovely fellow mum from a facebook group came over to help me tidy/ organize the junk in the dining area. We also had a good chat. She said Mari Kondo really worked for her, getting literally everything they owned out at the same time and sorting through. I may not be able to prove it right now, but Flylady has been a better fit for me.

It was sunny again, so Robin and I got the bus to Amsterdam.It’s a great idea when funds are low – you can walk around a beautiful foreign city saying, “I get to come here!”

We went in a courtyard called the Begijnhof.

And looked at some shops in the touristy area. It’s a weekday in mid November, so the crowds were bearable!

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