#333 sint intocht/cobra and fancy dinner

Also we went in Cobra modern art museum. It’s at Stadshart mall. Cobra was a movement, I’m not that impressed with it. But upstairs they had all the more child-friendly ones, and you can take kids camping in the gallery itself, overnight!

I loved the activities provided. There was also a film of Dutch muslim gypsy kids playing in a load of mud, eating around a bonfire, a toddler smashing a caravan window with a huge axe! Lee and I both really enjoyed it. The pure joy of building a path of stones in muddy puddle, etc.

We also marginally missed some Sint Intocht celebrations, (Santa’s Arrival in the country) accompanied by Zwarte Piets and giving out little portions of kruidnoten. (Mini biccies)

In the evening was a fancy fundraising dinner at church. Fundraising for their new community centre. I hadn’t thought of going, but a lovely friend gave me a ticket so off I went!

Fabulous Indonesian food, plenty of wine, 180 guests. We had a funny compere and various large value items were being auctioned off. The items were stuff like, a south African barbeque for 6 at someone’s house. Or, a walk in the dunes followed by homemade pizza at someone else’s. A young girl had her birthday today and auctioned her cake!

It was lovely to be out. My fave, Johnny and the Jazzuits were playing and there was a little dancing at the end.

What a full day, huh!

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