#335 my new “job”!📰🚵✅

So! This morning Robin has had her brace off. Her mouth will have a rest, then we will start again in Hamburg.

Afterwards we popped in to see a new BSF lady, who happens to live en route.

She’s just unpacking from the move. From her relocation flat in Amsterdam, to quite near us. She was very surprised that we dropped in – as the Dutch infamously plan such things months in advance. Well, none of us are Dutch!

Then I went to start my paper round.

It includes this lovely characterful street where all the houses back onto the lake.

I managed to do all the talky bit with the manager in Dutch.

And now I’m rosy-cheeked (freezing!) and happy to have earned a little something. 🚵📰📬😀💰✅

I’m 2-3 weeks into having a tumble dryer, and the 🗻 Laundry Mountain is gone! I have done 3 loads a day solid since then. This morning a terrifying loud mechanical grating noise happened when I turned the washing machine on. Unplugged it fast while my heart missed a few beats. A malfunction leading to fire? I can’t live without it!😲 However. Thankfully it was some drilling next door! 😁

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