#336 some kids

I saw Robin off to the psychologist at 3pm and went up Zijdelveld to the “Telegraaf” office in Amstelplein.

Second day of my paper round. I deliver “Het Parool” and the “NRC Handelsblad”. There were a few less papers, so it took less than an hour today. I could see my breath in the cold. My heart was warmed by an offer of marriage I received from an elderly man who hangs about the paper office. He has few teeth, but a lovely fluffy white dog. So watch this space!

I get a free copy of each paper (to allow for mistakes) which I offered to the lady who lives over the back.

Robin thought her appointment was ok. She’s been to a lot of similar appointments in Liverpool – they ask about her life and suggest various good ideas that are very difficult to access/set in motion. But it’s nice to be listened to.

These are Lee’s nephews

They are Leah’s and Danny’s.

And Sarah’s.

Thursday morning, I got to look after this adorable person for a couple of hours. So fun!

And then I had invited two new ladies-from-my-lifegroup to coffee at 11am. One came, and we had a nice chat for an hour. Bonus: the room’s a bit clean. ☺

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