#338 German

Saturday my papers were so thick and heavy! My bike fell over a couple of times. And it took almost 2 hours. But Robin came along and it was dry out.

Sunday, I went to church, and it was Family Service. I should learn my lesson and not attend these! There was lots of cringe-inducing rap speak, the word “lit” was involved, and more Fortnite dancing of course. I retained a bad attitude throughout. 😬😂

Then I got a lift back with O, and her 2 little’uns. We had some healthy lunch and a lovely long chat about her work, life and ways of thinking and communication. I forget that as native English speakers, we are at a massive advantage here. Most people I speak to are from all over the world, and are using their 2nd or 3rd language every day, before they can even think of learning some Dutch!

My friend O is Latin American, and she can do some funny different regional British accents.

I’m not actively learning Dutch any more, though I am using it almost daily in small situations such as the paper round – all information exchanges have been in Dutch to do with the route, payment details etc. Going well!


But I am daily practicing German sentences along with “Hallo Deutschschule” on YouTube

And I’ve been watching very helpful short videos of German people chatting on any subject on EasyGerman, which even give worksheets on every episode for about €4 a month, which I might invest in.

And a daily vocab blast on this free phone app:

And, I am setting the goal of doing the B1 exam after a short while in Hamburg. The B2 is equivalent of GCSE, and if I do a quick online level test, it’s where I’m often placed for study.

I did a Deutsche Welle test today (30 questions! It took ages!) And it placed me to study at B1.


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