#339 thanks to God for BSF!

We had our online-BSF-leaders meeting tonight, with also a fellowship bit for 45 mins where we could each share something personal we’ve learned over the study so far.

These ladies strewn across the globe are so precious!

It’s a small world-

Today it turns out that the receptionist lady at Lee’s office goes to my church! I will look out for her on Sunday.


Now, it’s Wednesday so it was BSF first thing. Marcia had the genius idea of putting the lecture video on a USB stick and we just plugged it straight into the big TV. Ta-dah! It was fabulous!

At 9:45 when we started, there were only two comers! But thankfully by the end of the lecture there were about 12.

We had a lovely discussion time, it’s such a blessing! It’s an absolute dream.

Then T treated me to lunch in Le Pain Quotidien. Yum avocado toast & soup.

Straight onto my paper round – first one in the rain. It was okay. Then I went into Aldi and met T&W, a lovely couple from church.

What a full and wonderful day!

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