#340 Friday

Hi, Thursday is a rest day after busy Tues & Wed. But I couldn’t tell if it was resting or just wasting the day really!

Friday – breakfast in IKEA with Robin and Carla.

Then a phone call with the international school in Pinneberg. I thought it went well. Here’s what I know: if Work agree to pay for the boys education, we will move to/near Pinneberg because I need to partner with school for Frank’s sake. (Hasn’t happened here for various reasons). I think this is the best choice for us because George can continue his exact same course without disruption. There will be much less travel time and € for the boys.

If not, then I guess we are free to try living closer to the city centre, which would also have advantages!

Me with a fringe; and some nice colourful things!

Then paper round. Nice weather again, thanks Lord!

On my paper round each day I see: 2 x goats, about 15 muscovy ducks with their ducklings which are quite large, but fluffy and cute. They just wander around near Admiraal de Ruyterlaan, popping in and out of people’s gardens. Herons abound of course. Grebes near the Fishing Hotel on Zijdelveld, and lots of ducks.

On the trip to IKEA we saw plenty of cows, a stork, a kestrel or similar, cormorants.

To get to IKEA you can pass thru Amstelveen but I prefer to go via the Vinkeveense plassen.

The road is shown curving in the bottom third of the pic.

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