#341 it’s Tuesday.

Frank came on the paper round with me on Saturday as it’s very heavy and a lot of work. We had a lovely chat as we went along, about positive character attributes! He is very articulate about this sort of thing, which will come in very useful I’m sure.

He also came to church this morning, I have been finding it difficult to get up enthusiasm for church in the winter. But afterwards I was very happy to greet so many lovely people. L&P had a cable for me to try with my laptop. E&I wanted to come for a cuppa. Frank got a bit annoyed waiting around of course. But after just one year at Xrds I am very thankful for all the people who care about us.

and we went to Stadtshart to get his Sint gift (secret Santa) for a boy in his class. Budget €6! Odd amount.

Monday morning: prayer-for-BSF. Which is now a monthly thing. I found this guy in the ministry centre. He looks absolutely exhausted!

I had 4 appointments yesterday and managed to attend two! I really should have learned my lesson by now!

They weren’t near each other and I don’t have a car!! 😵🚈🚃🚲🚊

Over the back fence, the foliage was so thick and impenetrable in summer when we got here.

Now it’s all visible in there.

Urgh, I am in bed now with the flu. 🤒

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