#342 our 2nd sint/pakjesavond

Well, I am not at BSF this morning, as I have flu or something, the worst of it is aching joints. That’s probably why I didn’t manage to organize anything in time for our family. Pakjesavond is the evening of the 4th and the 5th.

The boys each bought Sint gifts for classmates- Frank got a chocolate letter and some pencils for his classmate. George got a nice candly thing and lavender pillow insert – a bigger budget in their class. We shopped in Holland and Barret. How we have changed!

It’s also traditional to write a silly poem about the recipient, which they read out. That sounds fun to the Johnson family but less so these Joneses! But Frank had to, so he and Lily collaborated on this poem, which I am quite proud of. Goes to the tune of Gucci Gang, if that means anything to you!

He said it went down well at school! It says something like:

Spend $10,000 on spicy cookies,

My girl, she loves wine and cheese

I drink lovely Chocomel, she heats it up,

She says it’s ready, so I come and get it.

That was a great poem and shopping trip,

This is the end, so open your present!

It rhymes, is funny and sticks to the theme. So I’m thrilled with it!

I also received a choc with my pile of newspapers yesterday,

And Lily got Lee and me each chocolate letters from a fancy chocolate place in town.

I wonder what we will be doing next year!

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