#343 nice weather for ducks!!

Well, Robin has just been out with “Michelle” from Carehouse. Her first visit. M needed to buy some baubles, so they went to Stadtshart together, did some shopping and got a coffee in Dunkin Donuts.

I have been washing every item in the house in preparation for going away to Hamburg tomorrow.

And it’s been so grey, and I’ve been hibernating around the house with some kind of flu. So yesterday I nabbed some Katia Borealis (halfway round the paper round we pass thru the Old Village of Uithoorn and the sewing shop) and I have made these lovely hexagons.

It’s a soft acrylic, I used 5mm hook.

Nice weather for ducks! – is a phrase I think of every day as I approach Admiraal de Ruyterlaan, and see all the muscovy ducks chillin’ with their ducklings. Today it was raining, but as I approached the duck area there was an absolute downpour and the ducks were hiding under a fir tree. Visibility was low in the thick precipitation, so Robin and I sheltered for a few minutes. Then, it stopped raining and was quite windy. I enjoyed the challenge of cycling against the wind but I let Robin go home! Thankfully that’s the first time it’s been so wet.


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