#344 trip to Hamburg

My first flight with KLM. I was thrilled with the little complimentary box containing a chicken sandwich, a tiny 86ml drink of water and a caramel cookie. Also a free coffee.

Something like this. And the flight was only an hour.

Then a taxi to the 25Hours Hotel in Hafencity, the modern business/residential district built on the Elbe at the centre of Hamburg. We have a cute styled seafaring themed room. We walked to the K+N building, 5 minutes away, and then headed towards town. Through the old red brick warehouse area, Speicherstadt, and then past the Town Hall / Rathaus, which had an obligatory Christmas Market. It was very crowded so we avoided it a bit and aimed for some lunch. Everywhere was very crowded and full, and we found ourselves walking past Hermes, Cartier etc, so you know we were in the wrong end of town for a humble lunch!

We had a nice spaghetti lunch and started back towards Hafencity. Had a good filter coffee, popped into the supermarket for some essentials, as it might be closed tomorrow-Sunday.

It’s not particularly cold, just a bit windy and spotting with rain. It’s very comfortable. The bits we’ve seen so far have got a slightly Baltic feel, there are some interesting and decorative old buildings but in a very different way to Amsterdam. It does remind us of Liverpool a bit, it’s not particularly beautiful. But these tall church spires are intriguing. Quite different.

We saw another little Christmas Market at every square. My favourite had all the huts styled as though they were made of gingerbread. The smell of gluhwein is very tempting!

And now we are just watching German TV. Well we did get up at 5!

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