#346 Pinneberg

Oh goodness me. What a day! Well I had an appointment at this international school in Pinneberg at 10am. I set off before 8 as there was a train workers strike planned for this morning. I got a bus to Altona station. Then metro to Pinneberg. I had done my research, unfortunately the school building is quite new and Google maps wasn’t in the loop. I walked for over an hour, I was 45 mins late for the appointment and was in a hail shower.

Anyway it looks like a nice place for George to go if K&N end up paying for it, and they recommended another school for Frank. They had beautiful art made by the students everywhere. It seems very progressive for Germany. (Like I know anything about their school system). I didn’t love or hate it.

Then I got the bus to the shopping centre of Pinneberg, and had a lovely time in Woolworths, or Woolworth as it is called here. It was just as I hoped, there was lots of affordable shops. I am really looking forward to being able to afford things!

Lee had been at a couple of meetings in K&N, which is a few minutes walk from our hotel.

Here it seems you don’t have to show your bus/metro ticket at all unless asked. I was watching obviously, so I’d know what to do. Some people getting on the bus were showing their ticket inthe direction of the driver, but many weren’t.

For a passenger it’s much more practical not to – no bottlenecking at the vehicle door, and there’s no frenzied searching in pockets and bags. And it removes the “security guard” element from the bus driver.

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