#347 last day in HH

Another busy day in Hamburg. We enjoyed a later breakfast than usual – 8am as we didn’t have any specific plans for our last day. We put our cases in a locker at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and decided to go to Barmbek, a bit north of the centre. As someone had recommended it to us as a good place to live, not too expensive. There was a long main street full of a good variety of shops and many eating places. Off the main road, were streets full of these period apartment buildings. A bit communist – looking. I would quite fancy living in them for a bit.

We got a bus to Wandsbek, and had a McDonald’s of all things!

We are quite intrigued by the similarities and differences we see between Hamburg and Liverpool. Some of Hamburg was very familiar and comfortable to us. We were trying to weigh up some of the experiences we’ve had on this odd and exciting journey!

Barmbek: flattened in the war, all except this round bunker. And there’s a Museum of Work. Next time…

I have walked an awful lot in these 4 days, we have certainly enjoyed having every meal out, paid for. Our hotel was very stylish and hipster with a “vinyl room” where you can play records from their collection. Also a vintage photo booth, atari game, typewriters and even metal letters that you hit with a hammer to emboss/stamp words into a piece of leather or tin. A sauna. And more!

I shall be very glad to get back into our routine – I was ready for sleep at 5pm last evening. But at the same time we would be happy to move there immediately.

Off to bed now. ❤

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