#348 visitors

Up early for BSF. We had 3 visitors – my leader’s group leader (normally only seen online) and two area/online group development people.

Here are Joni, Marcia and me with our group leader (left). It felt like some lovely family members had come to visit. And it was exciting for them to physically be in a place they normally deal with, and very much pray for, from afar.

Also, because I had been away, Joni lead my discussion group. Of course she did a lovely job, and it was fun for me to sit back and be a normal member!

One of my talented ladies had brought a guava topped cake she’d made, which we shared. Then the leaders had lunch at Lucy’s Kitchen and talked about all sorts of things to do with our little BSF. They were very encouraging.

I had to go and do my paper round, finished at 5 and was ready for bed!

Also it turns out that Frank’s ex-bear (now resides in Xrds Ministry Centre) was used to illustrate a lesson last week in BSF! I am so glad to hear it!!

When I’m doing my paper round, I get one extra copy of Het Parool each day as a spare/to keep, and I put it through the door of the rear neighbour couple. (Jacques and Janny). This morning Janny brought a Christmas card and these glittery flowers!

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