#349 Christmas Do.

Robin went out with her “Michelle” from Carehouse this morning. It seems Michelle had asked Robin where she would like to go, or what she’d like to do. But in winter, what is there except look at the shops and have a coffee? I suggested the Cat Museum.

Another lovely clear day, it was,very cold but I enjoyed my “afternoon cycle” (paper round) and the sky was getting subtle lavender and peach as we began about 4pm.

Lily had her work Christmas Do last night. Dinner at Kokido ( that half-a-chicken place on the way to Mijdrecht. Then Midget Golf at Aalsmeer, which she really enjoyed. They had a “white elephant” gift exchange, where you wrap something unwanted/silly from your home, or just buy something for $5. So no-one knows who their gift is for or from. Lily got a nice bathroom product.

George missed it as he was sleeping over at someone from school’s house, cooking hash browns to bring to school for a fun homemade international breakfast, to mark their last day at school.

Frank had something similar, didn’t do the sleep over but cooked hash browns last night.

After the Christmas break, Frank will not be in the Language class any more. He will be in his age of Dutch BTEC sort of class.

So tonight was Xrds Leader’s thank you Christmas Dinner. I eschewed my Lifegroup so I could attend this instead! There were about 40 present, I assume there must be well over 100 leaders all told.

The food was delicious, and I very much enjoyed chatting with friends and strangers alike. We were all dressed either Christmassy or dressed up. I won this bauble of M+Ms by guessing the number. I said 241, completely random of course. and it was 243. We heard some testimonies from this year, sang carols and had some silly fun. I feel very loved by this bunch.

This is when we were leaving. It never occurs to me to take a pic during things.

Wonderful. Goodnight! πŸ·πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽΌ

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