#350 snowy Uithoorn

On Saturday Frank did the paper round with me. On the way home we popped to Deen supermarket and outside was a small marquee tent with loud music. There’s often one there selling flowers or something. People are prepared to stand around in the cold lots more than I am! We had a free buttered slice of stollen and a little hot chocolate each. It was a neighbourhood friendliness thing.

We are about halfway through our time at Klaproos. It is a nice place but it never had a chance to become a home. I must say I am thankful for the lovely powerful shower and for a roof over our heads. It’s very safe and peaceful here, with a lovely variety of birds.

Snowy Uithoorn today. Pic by Lee.

My girls came to church today. We had a very good talk on Mary visiting Elizabeth. I found it very helpful.

Afterwards Lilian treated as to a Chinese meal. It was delicious. We looked at Christmas decorations in Amstelveen and walked through the Christmas Market. We brought home apple beignets and oliebollen.

A new series of Great Interior Design Challenge came up on Netflix, so we’re getting our fix of colours and shapes, befores and afters.

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