#351 Christmassy Shop

This morning Carla picked me and Lilian up and we went to Het Oosten garden centre to look at all the Christmassy Things. They put on quite a show!

Then we came home for coffee and soup.

I can’t find the quote, but Dave Ramsey said something like, nothing will change financially until you get so angry with your debts that you do something extraordinary. That is now. I do not want to move to Germany trailing debts and bills from England and the Netherlands!

In the middle of the night a few days ago I suddenly applied for a job as post woman online. I am really enjoying my paper round, the bad weather doesn’t put me off at all. So it seems logical. The job is 10 hours a week, nothing on Wednesday (BSF) and within my own postcode.

This morning I received a text telling me to phone for a pre-interview. I did while Lilian put up our Christmas tree.

It was just a rehashing of the questions I’d already answered in the online form. But obviously it was all in Dutch. So I found it very hard work. As listening is my least good skill in Dutch! And for a while the lady could not agree that I could fit both my paper round and the post round into each day. I couldn’t understand why. But it’s because I was wrongly telling her that my paper round lasts 3-5 hours. I was trying to say I can do it between 3-5pm !! 😂

So praise the Lord, I believe He is handing me this job. I have a skype-type interview tomorrow morning 9:30. Urgh! The Dutch talking is way harder than delivering papers!!

Also you would be proud to hear how much Dutch Lilian can understand. She keeps it to herself, and only speaks English at work. But she was communicating with Carla today. Some day soon, down on the farm, she’ll surprise them all!

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