#352 employment 💰

In the evening I went to sign my contract for the paper round, at the home of a sweet couple. And I picked up cash for the weeks I’ve already done.

Thankfully the snow in Uithoorn melted away to nothing. And in fact it wasn’t cold enough for gloves this afternoon.

Interview 💻💬

Yes, I had an online interview at 9:30am. It was about 20 minutes long and all in Dutch. There was a lot of, “sorry, wat was dat laatste deel?” And there were frequent breaks, as our internet isn’t fab. In fact she had to phone me in the end, to finish off. But it went well. I start 27th Dec. I said I can do some extra, (it’s only 10 hours a week) and I shall also keep my paper round. So it’s all going to help prepare our finances for another move. And pay for our holiday at Easter, yay!

Praying 🙏🙌🛐

I have prayed so much about employment in the last 3 or 4 years. With such uncertainty. But He made it clear.

I got Frank, the original paper round, as a starter in the world of employment. But then I also enjoyed it, so I took on some cover work. Then they called me, remember! To offer the round I’m doing now. I have enjoyed the regular exercise and fresh air. And the fact that it’s obligatory. It would be so easy to overeat and hibernate in grey December.

So I already knew I could do it and could enjoy it. So I started thinking about getting a paper round as soon as we get to Hamburg. Then thinking of being a postwoman. I often saw a little posse of them in De Kwakel. They’d all finished their rounds and met to chat each day.

Then I barely thought about it, but prayed more and suddenly got up in the middle of the night recently and looked online. Of course I don’t have an up to date CV etc. But there was this button, “apply without CV” so I did. And here we are.

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