#354 Broad and Narrow Way

Wahey! It’s really the shortest (darkest?) Day of the year. I’ve been doing my paper round for a month. We only had 2 truly wet days, and only 1 slippery frosty day. So far!

Remember this poster Rosemary had in her front room? I was talking about it with my friend at breakfast yesterday. As a child I could not imagine what the narrow way would really be like. I just knew it didn’t have any of the fun stuff like sweets, pretty things, or fun?!

In the picture, the Narrow way looks full of stairs, boring church services, potential humiliations, and obligations.

It has not turned out like that! There is a lot of joy and fun involved. But Sometimes we really realize we are on that narrow way, seeming to struggle and twist our ankle with every step. Pain and suffering do line the path, and do touch us. And we must pass through them with astonishing regularity. I was also reminded of the excellent “What Katy Did”, by Susan Coolidge. In which Katy is bedridden, in pain, and learns to receive God’s love in her sufferings.

I was attracted by the way Cousin Helen spoke of her loving teacher, but I didn’t like the sound of the “school of pain”. It didn’t seem to add up.

All the time on the Narrow Way, if you look up, you may grasp the hand of the One who loves you. He sees all, knows all your hurts and disappointments. He is powerful to carry us to the glorious colourful, glittering Finish Line. He loves us so personally, He arranges the places of rest, fellowship and encouragement, exactly when and where we need them most.

Sometimes the Radiant goal is hidden behind a bit of mountain or some other worthy-looking obstacle. And we are very often blinded for a moment by the idle pleasures just across the grass verge.

But He brought us to this path. He is making us strong, giving us hints of the amazing time to be had at the end of the path.

No regrets! He is worth it!

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