#355 Lifegroup party

Christmas greetings from my Royal Family.

My goodness! I had almost finished my paper round, when there was a loud crunching noise and something went wrong in the gears. I was able to cycle, but not brake. Because the chain and gears are inside a cover, I couldn’t get in to fiddle with it. So I managed to finish the round, and carefully got back to this end of Uithoorn, and made an appointment at the bike repair shop.

I’ve made 5kg of roast potatoes!

Robin and I have just got back from the Lifegroup Christmas party. It was purposed for bringing guests. It was pretty good! There were about 10 from Lifegroup. Then add their guests and kids, I think about 50. There was a fab big buffet, crafts- the kids made the table decorations. We had an ice breaker, the true meaning of Christmas, lots of friendly chatter, then the kids inevitable nativity scene thingy- I noticed two mums explaing what it was to a lady who didn’t know. It was gorgeous and bilingual of course. Then a couple played jolly Christmas songs on violin and cello, they are from the Concertgebouw, most unexpected and delightful. It was lovely meeting the partners and kids of my friends. Carla came with us. But I wasn’t feeling fabulous, so I left at 7, as soon as was polite! Goodnight!

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