#356 puzzle

Well I slept a good 8 hours, very unusual. So I leapt out of bed to make these quark bread rolls. You can buy at Hulleman’s and they are delicious. So I had a go. I only had fullgrain flour so…

Flatbreads! Not exactly like the guide picture! But you know we made it work. And plus, there was no mess- just a bowl and spoons to wash. Success!

I went to church and sat by a friend from BSF for a change. It was a very good sermon about Mary and Joseph, called “Going on a journey no-one really wants to go on” and it was so helpful.

Then I met Lee at Amstelveen for a little trip to Haarlem together. We had a Thai lunch, bought some British Goodies in the foreign food shop, had a break in Vascobelo. Oh, and We went in this toyshop/kid-friendly cafe which I’ve never been in, as it always looks so crowded with small kids. I don’t want to mix with so many at once. But it was just like Tridias inside, with all sorts of tiny pocket-money toys, adorable stationery, traditional games, everything you can think of up to expensive dolls and bikes. What a treat!

It’s nearing New Year, which is the one time of year that fireworks are used. Lots of bike shops have temporarily become fireworks shops. And it’s quite normal to hear some fireworks in the underpass as we cycle in the afternoon. Also it’s well known as the once a year when the Dutch are less sensible. Today we saw a teen boy cycling along with a firework attached to his bike rack so it looked rocket-propelled!

In an act of festive lunacy I have bought this 2000 piece puzzle. After all, we have two tables in the room. Robin and I have almost done the edge.

It’s got 18 santas! And I usually get 1000 pieces.

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