#358 Christmas 2018

Xrds Christmas Eve experience. All the kids came. It was excellent. Different scriptures than you’d expect. Excellent singing, heartfelt testimonies and afterwards poffertjes, hot choc etc in a fab golden place that they’d made in the carpark.

We had a very quiet morning. Our second Christmas without a church service. The girls and I went for a small walk. It was quite warm and sunny. Carla came at 12 noon, bang on time as Lee had started preparing dinner by about 9!

It was Carla’s first experience of Christmas crackers as they aren’t done here. We had a lovely dinner. Then we watched Rise Of The Guardians. Carla went off to Utrecht to the Salvation army dinner. We surprised the kids with stuff we’d bought at the international shop, so: “powerful”” welsh cheddar with Branston pickle. Mince pies. Sherbet lemons and twiglets! Quite a treat when you haven’t had them for ages. We also were given two cakes yesterday: a red velvet cake with white chocolate, which was absolutely gorgeous. And a chocolate mousse cake. We watched Only Connect. Caught a little of Carols from Kings and the Queens Speech. So it’s been quite British. A lot more “retro British” than we are in daily life!

We were able to get along mostly! 😎 Praise the Lord!

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