#359 babysitting, curls

Lilian has been sorting, tidying and cleaning in their bedroom today. As the new carpet is fitted in her future room in Amstelveen, and she is getting ready to move. Update: Thursday evening: she has taken most of her boxes, and mattress!


Unrelated, here’s some lovely colourful pics of Denmark!

I’m really excited about being closer to Denmark in future!

I’ve been knitting this basic striped acrylic yarn from cheapo shop Zeeman, just to keep my hands busy.

Thursday. Robin and I went to M’s to help the grandma look after the toddler. It was a lot of fun, I got a good chance to practice my Spanish with the Colombian grandma. She crochets little angels from thin wool, so I showed her my hat and then she gave me a knitted olive green infinity scarf! Also this lovely small painting is by M, who we were babysitting for.

Then at 3 I nipped away to my paper round. I finished before sundown! It was lovely to finish while it was still light(ish) at 4:30pm. And I got another €5 which brings us to about €65. Whoop!

I have started the curly girl method™, which is really just treating your hair kinder and more naturally, so the curls can show. So no heat, no/less shampoo, and use products without alcohol, sulphates, silicon etc. And no rubbing with a towel. It’s all common sense.

I’ve only been at it a week. There’s a few months transition period before it looks healthier.

I used to wash and leave it wet in a towel overnight as a teen. It was really quite curly then.


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