#360 Oudjaarsdag

You can’t have too many bikes, can you? Robin and I just bought this cute little one for her in Hoofddorp for €40. From a facebook marketplace group.

Which is cheaper than getting her current one fixed! We’ve only got 3 in current working order, and 3 in dire need of repair (the affordable repair guy moved to Aalsmeer!)

Robin and I had to take it on a train to Zuid and a metro to Poortwachter . Which was all a new experience for her, getting it through the ticket barriers etc. And then she rode it home to Uithoorn. If it wasn’t so cold, I might have cycled it all the way home from Hoofddorp. But I’m glad I didn’t as she said it’s quite in need of oil.

I bought some Aniseed Milk powder. It’s delicious!

And some Alize yarn in Amstelveen market. I’ve made a “Sophie’s Garden” with 4mm hook.

Saturday, Robin and I did the paper round and then got the bus up to Marcia’s. We had a lovely afternoon with her and Guus, just chatting. She’s still not over her cough. We took her some Tetley we’d got in Haarlem.

New years eve – George went to work. Lee was working from home. So I took the other 3 to lunch in Joe & The Juice. We had interesting healthy sandwiches and smoothies. Mine was delicious, red pepper/lemon/apple. We all got magazines. I got BBC Good Food mag in English – I could do with the inspiration. Rob got a travel mag about Hamburg, all in German.

EvR was having an open house all afternoon/evening, she’s made loads of oliebollen. Robin and I went at the same time as Nati and her little girl. We had fun. E’s oldest son Robin was present, he’s studying Japanese just for fun. We had a lot of talk in German, dutch, and, spanish and did a lot of different accents and stuff. Absolutely hilarious.

Then I did my paper round. I just blocked out the sound of fireworks, which was like a soundtrack of a war film! Literally every street and corner has kids lighting fireworks, sometimes with adults present!

I thank God because I really do enjoy the cycle each afternoon.

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