#362 Errands on the Amstel

I’ve got lots done today. Robin and I took the two most broken bikes to the shop to be fixed. Then walked to the library to return George’s book, rather late. We’ve never borrowed a book before, so I asked how to return it. “you just put it on this shelf” and doing so, the nearby computer screen lit up, with the title of the book and the fact that George owes them €6!

Then i have put my phone in to get the screen repaired. Thankfully it was insured. So i am using a courtesy phone till it comes back. They had to transfer all the info from one phone to the other, which took hours. So Robin and i had a sandwich in Siek aan de Amstel. We tried on some clothes in Terstal, and had a look in Jouw Marktkraam. but found nothing good.

Then George came on the paper round with me. Then went to collect this phone. I’ve been out on my feet from 10-5 today which is most unusual.

A hat I’m knitting for Lee

Yesterday Robin and I and Carla went to the 2nd hand shop in Uithoorn, i got the boys some T-shirts, jumper and a coat. Then had a cake in Perlo Plaza. We watched “Toni Erdmann” which is a very strange and good German film. I think Lilian and i saw it in the artsy cinema in Liverpool.

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