#363 sales/erasmus

Lilian has moved out over the last week or so. She came to dinner and to do some washing on Friday evening. I used my new slow cooker. I made chilli, roast potatoes and green beans. That was nice.

Saturday, Robin and I did the paper round and then hot-footed it to Hoofddorp to look at the sales. We did really well! Robin got 2 jeans, a rainbowy sweater and an all-in-one drapey nice thing. I got 2 skirts, 2 vests, 2 leggings, patterned tights, 3 T-shirts, winter boots and a pair of oxfords with a bit of glittery dark blue on. I had a super time in a shop called Didi which not only had large sizes but was so colourful, the clothes remind me of Gudrun Sjoden.

We also wanted something colourful / with lights, to replace the Christmas tree / light up the stairs as there’s no light there.

I got this LED sticky tape and put it up the bannister.

It’s nice!

On Sunday we had a good positive motivation sermon. Including this quote:

Which took me ages to find and I discovered that many of my dad’s familiar sayings also come from Erasmus of Rotterdam, fact fans!

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