#364 Postbezorger

It was a code yellow weather warning this morning as I began my new “baan” as a postwoman. I had to be at a Depot at an address just 3 streets away. “there’s no post office there ” i thought. It is simply in a lock-up garage. There were 3 cheerful older ladies waiting for the mail. One explained a few procedures to me and then we went and did her “wijk” together. It included my fave pal’s house, so I knocked and said hello while delivering. Halfway round, the manager turned up in his little postnl car, with my uniform and equipment (I’m wearing some old borrowed ones in the picture) and he gave us each a mini snickers. It was very friendly and uneventful except for a very windy moment.

It is mainly walking, so I must get some good comfortable shoes. I was home at 5 to 3, had just time for a coffee and say hello to Lily (who’d popped in to cut George’s hair) and then out with Robin on the paper round. The sky was a bit ominous orange but no problems. My feet do ache from any amount of walking, but it’s only a couple of hours, 3 times a week. So its doable.

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