#365 BSF stuff

It was the first online BSF leader’s meeting after the 3 week break. Lovely to see their faces in Brussels, Rome, Amman etc .

After the meeting I went downstairs to find the 3 kids playing together.

Wed – what with post, papers, and my first morning alarm set in ages, it was a bit hectic and our BSF meeting this morning had a touch of chaos!! But we had two new ladies and we had a good discussion. Afterwards 3 of them treated me to lunch. They are precious! What was so cute was when they all arrived (after 3 weeks break) was they were all greeting and hugging each other so excitedly!

I really need to organise Tuesday’s tea before Monday’s! That will help. I have also quit my Friday evening lifegroup and Tuesday morning ladies bible study. I love ’em, but just now I am doing a bit of earning and it’s a lot to get used to physically and with timings. I need to redo the kids jobs rota as Lily isn’t here. She is the most helpful worker obviously, and also helped enforce the rota quite a lot.

Lots of things need a tweak as I prepare for another house move.


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