#366 working

It’s all been a bit manic between jobs and first day back at BSF. This morning I popped to Amstelveen to collect Frank’s latest iPad from the repair shop, and then I had 20 mins before going to the postwoman job. I set my alarm and fell asleep for that 20 mins! Then had a nice time again sharing the post walk with the same lady. She has been doing her wijk (district) for 7 years and is very smiley. A couple of people asked if she’s leaving (cos I was with her) and were relieved that she isn’t. And one elderly lady gave her some chocs.

It was lovely calm mild weather today compared to the high winds Tuesday.

On Friday I got a call in the morning saying my smiley training lady was ill, can I do her shift? It’s a small amount of post on Fridays. So I did.

I was quite nervous about getting something wrong. (have I opened all the right sacks, did I lock the depot properly etc) But nothing untoward happened. I knocked at my friend’s again as she works from home on Fridays. I was finished by 2.

It’s pretty painful on the feet and my sleeping pattern is all messed up. But it’s only the first week.

At BSF one lady said, if someone asks me to pray for them, I ask what is their fave psalm. And I pray that psalm for them. We all want to try!

My BSF ladies have been very encouraging about my leadership skills in a chaotic situation. I guess that’s how I roll!!


All these crochet designs are by Tinna, an Icelandic textile designer living in Cuba. What an inspiring combination of colours and patterns!

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