#367 busy bees

Robin and Lee did the paper round today as I was doing the post. On Saturdays it’s a lot harder work, with heavy sacks of those pointless supermarket adverts to lug about and put through doors, so that people can put them straight into the recycling bin!! I worked from 12:30 til 3, but it felt sooooo much longer! I used the push trolley for the first half because with these add leaflets it’s so heavy .

Then for the second half I was able to fit it all in the bike bags. (they are huge)

Pic by Lee on Zijdelveld.

Afterwards I cycled up to Guus and Marcia’s . They are my Dutch-Brazilian family here in NL! On the way I passed the farm so I popped in for eggs, I could see George from the road, doing some kind of outdoor man work.

I said hello to R, G and D, who are the young people Lily is living with. I saw Lily in the cheese room as I passed through.

I had a lovely bath in Marcia’s and caught up with their news.

As I cycled back in the wind I feel very blessed to be able to earn while enjoying the outside world, and to cycle somewhere so safe.

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