#368 booking trips

I’ve just finished the wonderful 4th series of The Bridge. I saw a few eps in autumn, so I kinda knew what would happen, but i still cried at it! Incidentally I’m watching it in Swedish with NL subtitles. That’s the closest I can get to English!

We cycled up to church for the noon service today, meeting Lilian halfway. Then afterwards I met Lee at Amstelveen, and we had lunch together in Joe & The Juice. We haven’t “been anywhere” since our museum kaarts ran out in December. I’m looking forward to getting something similar in Hamburg.

In case anyone’s worried about what happens to us at no-agreement Brexit ( which I have totes ignored and it hasn’t worried me for a second), we all 6 received letters from the ministry of immigration, saying we can carry on as usual until sometime in 2020, when we would apply for a permit and then continue carrying on as usual. But we’ll be long gone by then. (and possibly Lily with us- she’s keeping an open mind to the future.

In BSF we are in 1 Samuel, and looking at the Story of David and Saul, and reading the specific psalms David wrote. (for example 1 Sam 24 -in the cave- with Psalms 57 and 142) and it gives a super insight into David’s thoughts and feelings. I’ve really enjoyed the daily study this week. I don’t give long/scholarly answers. I need daily to hear God’s wonderful truth and be connected with Him.

Monday mornings, I’m often energized to tidy or sort something, and today I have enjoyed filling a sack with all kinds of UK related paper for shredding and recycling. Heaps!

I just had a lovely chat with precious Penny. In fact I used her as an example in BSF. When the inevitable question arose, “were David and Jonathan gay? ” I used my friendship with Penny to illustrate how you can be joined in spirit with someone and love them so much.

I am just filling in holiday forms for the boys: I am taking both boys to Pinneberg 25-28 Feb to see their new school. They will do 2 days at school, and an entrance test. I will also meet “A” who is an English K&N wife who lives near there, we are planning to be friends!

Lee is also taking Frank to Liverpool 4-12 March. It’s Frank’s first trip back to UK. It’s been 19 months!

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